Thursday, October 11, 2007

Week Two, Day Three

I'm sorry for all the running entries, but this and home schooling is about all I've got. And anyway, I want to track my progress, so I apologize for all the boring talk about running.

Last night of week two--whew. Next week some much longer running intervals get thrown in, but I feel ready.

I chose a different route tonight. North, instead of east. I never realized how few people pull their blinds in their brightly lit front rooms. Came you blame me, slowly jogging by covered in darkness that I looked (OK, stared) in? Interesting to see how others decorate their homes, the furniture they choose, the paint colors they use.

Anyway. The ninety seconds of running with two minutes of walking was easy. Easy, I tell you. So easy, in fact, that I went out for almost forty minutes instead of the prescribed twenty. I am ready for week three.


Liz said...

My husband always makes fun of me for looking in other people's windows to see how they decorate. If they didn't want you looking they would close the blinds, right?

terri said...

You overachiever. ;)

I LOVE looking in other people's windows when it's dark out (but you knew that)! Another inspiration to start running! wah-hoo!

SuperMom said...

LOL, that's what I tell myself, Liz!

Here's some more inspiration, T: all four kids at home being loved and cared for while you're out, all alone, and no one-- NO one-- knows exactly where.