Monday, November 12, 2007

Week Five, Day Three

I did it. I did it!

I ran twenty uninterrupted, consecutive minutes last night. I did it and afterwards I felt great. In fact, at one point I glanced down at my trusty kitchen timer at a point where I thought I was a little better than halfway through and was surprised to see that I only had three minutes left.

Going into this running program it was always week five, day three that intimidated me the most. I feared that run and figured that if I could do that and not want to die, I could easily make it through to week nine, day three, which is run thirty minutes with no walking.

Honestly, I think I could have run thirty minutes last night.

My goals though, are still the same. Number one is to finish the Cool Running's Couch to 5K walk/run program as prescribed. I don't want to skip ahead or push myself beyond it at this point because I still am very much a beginner and, mostly, because I'm enjoying myself and I credit that to this program for not pushing me too far too fast.

My second goal is to work on my pace and get my mile under ten minutes (Superdad laughingly called that a "girly goal"). I'm almost there now and will start setting faster goals once I reach the ten minutes mark (want to race, Superdad?).

I don't know if you all know this about me or not, but last April when I said my competitive nature was usually repressed I was totally lying. (Sarcasm is a good friend of mine.) So the last goal I've set for myself (for right now, anyway) is to run a 5K sometime in early 2008. For now that's it, but once I attain my goals on running faster miles, I may set a time I want to hit.


Liz said...

Good for you! I skipped my first run this past Saturday. I just couldn't bring myself to run in the dark with frost on the ground. Better get that treadmill fast!

angieoh! said...

That is awesome Supermom. I think if Superdad is going to call that a girlie mile, he should put his $$$ where his mouth is!

SuperMom said...

Well, in Superdad's defense, he was totally kidding around, but for some reason it struck my funny bone.

MOST with an attitude said...

Congrats to you Kato! I agree with should set up a race date with Superdad! I'd make the trip to see that :)

MOST with an attitude said...

We must have been commenting at the same time! But in your defense, you've been working hard at your goal, you should be able to show off!! :)

Superdad said...

For the record I was joking. I am very proud of Supermom. I have no idea what I kind of a mile time I would have today. Running and I were quickly and quietly divorced after I go out of the Army.

Alexis Jacobs said...

Awesome Cait!!! You rock!