Saturday, November 10, 2007

Week Five, Days One (again) and Two

After a week of not feeling that well, I just decided I may as well start my lackluster week five once again. I'm glad I did too, because even at full strength these have been tough runs for me. At the end I've felt tired but, more importantly, an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. Not only did I do it, but I could have done more.

Each run in week five prescribes a different amount of running. Like the first time around, my first run had me run five minutes, walk three minutes, run five, walk three and then, finally, run another five. And, like the first time around, the five minutes spurts were manageable and fun.

Last night I ran eight minutes, walked five and then ran another eight. I felt seriously, seriously proud (and seriously, seriously tired) after last night's workout. Eight minutes! Ha!, all you marathoners out there are thinking. But to me? Well, I don't think I've run that far or long in years, and certainly whenever I did it never so manageable or enjoyable.

I won't lie though. Next up? An uninterrupted twenty minute run. I'm nervous!


sixty-five said...

I'm very impressed.

dad said...

Go to bed and get some rest.

Alexis Jacobs said...

Wow you are doing awesome!! Keep it up girl!

terri said...

Good job! You can do it. ;)