Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cool Down

Yesterday we drove home from Silver Lake in our shorts and T-shirts contentedly, enjoying the memories of a more than warm but less than hot eighty-degree day spent under the warm sun playing bocce ball and croquet.  For Memorial Day, it was warm.  Summery, even, and we had the flushed faces and tired bodies to prove it.

We pulled into the drive around 6 p.m. and decided we needed to take advantage of the warm weather and get the lawn mowed.  The kids, tired though they were, scooted up and down the block while Joe and I finished some mundane tasks in the yard.  

A few hours later, quite suddenly, the wind shifted.  In an instant the warm, eighty-degree breezes plummeted and no longer was my T-shirt warm enough.  We herded the kids back inside after a few moments and within the hour the temperature dipped down into the forties.  The forties!

Last night's experience reminds me of an old Wisconsin saying: If you don't like the weather, just wait ten minutes.

Yesterday T-shirts and capris, today jeans and sweatshirts.  Gotta love spring in Wisconsin!

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dad said...

and let us not forget that today, may 27, 2008, is your birthday. We love you and hope the temperature again soon rises into the 80s.