Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Madeleine's Future Husband: Beware

While sitting around our dining room table eating lunch today Madeleine, out of nowhere, blurts out, When I have kids someday, if I get a girl I'm going to give her fairies in her room, you know, like wallpaper? And if I get a boy I'll do, like, soccer balls.

That sounds interesting, Madeleine, I respond.

And then Hank chimes in, If I get a girl I'll paint her room pink with purple fairies.

I think a purple room with pink fairies would be better, responds the older, and in her eyes, wiser sister.

Well Hank, are you going to let your wife help decide what your kids' rooms should look like? I ask.

Hank thinks for a moment, Yes, she can help.

Well, Madeleine declares, when I get married and have kids my husband is not helping me decorate our kids' rooms. He'll be at work.


Anonymous said...

looks like your little girl has things all planned out :) you go girl!! :)

terri said...