Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day: Go Brew Crew!

Joe's Father's Day request?  Attending a Brewer's game.  With all three kids.  For me, it was an unhappy prospect.  Don't get me wrong, I like baseball and I like the Brewers, but three kids with all their squirminess and complaints baking out in the hot sun for three hours?  It sounded horrid, to be perfectly frank.  But Father's Day isn't about me, so tickets were bought to a 1:05 game to see the Brewers meet the Minnesota Twins in the last of a three-game series.

And boy oh boy was it fun!

First off, and least important, it was an exciting game which the Brewers ended up winning 4-2.  

But more importantly the kids thought it was great.  Our seats were way out in left field, really close to Bernie's home run slide (which he did whiz down after Mike Cameron's home run).  See him there, right outside of his dugout?

Here's our view of the field.  Ryan Braun is at bat in this picture.

Here's the happy daddy enjoying the game with his brood.  See that Hank has his glove on?  He was convinced he needed to be ready for the entire game for a wayward ball headed our way (none ever did).

After the thrilling victory and lots of yelling, cheering and, yes, even some jeering, the kids were invited onto the field to run the bases (as they are after most Sunday afternoon games).  Madeleine dutifully followed the rules and ran as fast as she could around all four bases, passing her brother close to second base.  And Hank?  He ran slowly, savoring the experience and even tried sliding into second (sliding is against the rules).  After a quick admonishment from a staff person sporting a Brew Crew Event T-shirt, he was back on his way (he's sliding in this picture, and Madeleine is just behind him).

At some point during the eighth inning Elisabeth managed to tune out the yelling and cheering and fell asleep.  After holding her while waiting in line to run the bases for quite some time, I turned her over to Joe to snap a picture of the little girl sleeping through her first Brewer's game.

All five of us crashed when we got home after eating a supper of leftovers and dozing during a chapter of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  Still though, fun, fun day.  A new Father's Day tradition, perhaps? 


Motherhood for Dummies said...

what a fun day! Total family tradition!

MOST with an attitude said...

We were there too!! I can't believe we didn't run into each other :)
Happy Fathers Day Joe!!

Bob said...

Sounds like Hank's base running has improved since his first time he ran the bases at Miller Park back in May of 2005.....Perhaps the Brewers will use him as a pinch runner in the near future.

Superdad said...

Elisabeth ran the bases too! (and so did I becuase she needed my help, really she did :)).