Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Elisabeth's Bag

People have often asked me what I do with Elisabeth while the big kids are being taught.  They understand, rightly so, that a loud, active 2.5 year old may not be the most peaceful companion while trying to teach a young boy to read or introducing a slightly older girl to the concept of diagraming a sentence.  

She does lots of things: plays in her room, plays in the living room, looks at books, or plays in the basement.  But most days she does this, right at the dining room table where the big kids are:

Yes, a bag of used workbooks, notebooks, and crayons that only appear during "school" time have proven again, just as it did last year, to keep the young girl happy and occupied for long chunks of time.

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Bob said...

Buckley would help occupy her time (LOLOLOL)