Saturday, September 06, 2008

First Soccer Game

I the suburb we live in, soccer is a way of life. Every soccer playing family (which has to be most of our community) has their Saturdays taken up with driving all over the village for various games with their various kids. The thought of giving up a perfectly good Saturday to watch kids play soccer has never appealed to me and, so, I never pressured Madeleine to rethink her decision to not play soccer after she decided she didn't want to. In past years I've patted myself on the back for this decision as I would sit in my living room on Saturday mornings while leisurely sipping my coffee and watching neighbors load their soccer playing kids into their minivans and station wagons and head off to various soccer fields around our town.

Well, Hank isn't Madeleine and Hank wants to play soccer. A lot. What was I supposed to do, say no because relaxing with coffee is more important? So today we loaded up our own minivan with our own various children and headed off to a soccer field in our town for a 9 a.m. game.

Here is Hank before we left. See the mile-wide grin? Hank has been asking since his practice Wednesday evening how many days until his game. The querying has been constant; Saturday morning couldn't come soon enough for the little bugger.

Once there, Hanker couldn't wait to get on the field and start playing. Here he is in action.

In Hank's league of Kindergardeners no score is kept, but Hank was well aware that he scored two goals for his team and he was quite proud of himself.

And the girls? They made a new friend and organized their own soccer game on the sidelines. OK, no. Madeleine's not exactly a sporty girl, so she didn't exactly play, but she did coach the little girls.

And my coffee? Eh, don't worry about me. I have a travel mug.


Bob said...

Congratulations on your becoming a Soccer Mom!! (Could Hockey Mom be next?!????--LOL).

It's odd that they won't even count the goals......They should have started doing so today to give Hank his due!

sixty-five said...

I think they didn't kept score even in C's fourth grade league. It's not about winning, or athleticism - more about teamwork, sportsmanship, responsibility (showing up even when you don't feel like it), exercise, etc. Though I'm guiltily relieved to have predated this national phenomenon, I do approve of it.

sixty-five said...

Oops. Keep, not kept. I guess that's what "preview" is for!

Jeannette said...


(*Ginger* from SN)

Alexis Jacobs said...

He makes such a cute soccer player. :-)