Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The picture, taken this past summer, shows Elisabeth perfectly. No, not what she looks like, but what she acts like. If you say up, she'll say no. If you say jump, she'll say no. If you say put that down, she'll say no. In fact, if you say anything, she'll say no. Can you hear me? Elisabeth, can you turn around so I can take your picture?



Bob said...

Just tell her to turn around, so that she'll end up be facing in the right direction-LOLOL

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

sixty-five said...

Sounds like poor Elisabeth is in the doghouse! Well, at least she was still two then, so it was expected, no?

SuperMom said...

LOL, sort of expected.

No, I expected 3yo naughtiness with her too, having gone through this stage with the other two. The upside to this age? The stinkin' things they say and come up with are beyond cute, so we'll keep her around. ;)

Terri said...

i hear that... SO lucky they're cute!!!

Ang said...

OH my goodness what an adorable picture!!!