Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Eight Days to Go!

As most readers might have guessed I'm doing a lot of shopping, wrapping and baking and very little blogging. The good news is, though, that I'm feeling much more prepared for Christmas than I normally do. I have been determined this year to focus on and appreciate Advent without Christmas stress and, so far, I am succeeding. Blogging though, has suffered.

We're here though, safe and sound, buried under mounds of snow, enjoying our pretty Christmas tree, baking cookies and listening to Christmas carols and even attending three Christmas performances: Joe and I attended A Christmas Carol performed by the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, Joe and I will attend the Milwaukee Symphony's "Cathedral Classics" performance this weekend with friends and Saturday we're taking the kids to see "The Nutcracker," which will be Elisabeth's first time seeing the production.

Only eight more days until Christmas, and I can't wait!

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