Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Madeleine's Christmas Wishes

Madeleine whipped out this list yesterday and slapped it on the fridge. Oh my goodness gracious; I don't think I started asking for a horse until I was ten or so, and even then it was one item on my Christmas list along with lots of toys.

Anyway, here is Madeleine's list:

My Christmas Wishes

1. horse
2. pony
3. foal
4. horse in labor
5. stallion
6. saddle
7. bit
8. stirrups
9. horse shoes
10. oats

Both numbers four and ten made me laugh out loud the first time I saw the list.

I hate to be a naysayer, but it's doubtful Santa is going to be able to fit a laboring horse into his sleigh. Think Madeleine will be disappointed?


Bob said...

Very cute......Talk about raising the bar.....

Imagine fitting that horse in your garage--LOLOL. Then Superdad has to bring home 50-lb bags of oats every night....

I do remember Supermom asking for her own phone---(but that was age 16).

Thanks so much for sharing!


jack & harry's mom said...

OH MY GOSH! That list is hilarious. #4 definitly surprised me... it's not looking good Madeleine. Sorry.
Isn't there a semi-realistic pony at Toys R Us these days??? Perhaps riding lessons would be a good substitute? I do know where Santa could find those. LMK if you'd concider coming westward for some.
Great Post!

Terri said...


nina said...

So, is she getting a real horse????? (I read in your post that she is not getting a laboring horse...)

Alexis Jacobs said...

Well you remember that horse that was the rave at Walmart last year... ha ha

You could at least get her the oats off her list. LOL

Kimmber said...

A horse in labor! That is hysterical.

I thought Liv's police hat and first aid kit were original!

Kimmber said...

A horse in labor! That is hysterical.

I thought Liv's police hat and first aid kit were original!

Ang said...

That is too cute..You should print that out and scrapbook that for her so when she has kids she can show them..that's adorable!!

SuperMom said...

No, she is not getting any sort of live animal for Christmas this year, horse or otherwise, LOL.

She actually IS taking lessons (up in Mequon, Amy, though if you know people out in your area I'd love to pick your brain about the reputation of the stable where M's riding. Oh, and check my December Facebook album, there are some pictures of her riding in there, though none are fantastic .

Eventually (like years and years and years) down the road I suppose we'd consider it, but the first step once a serious interest in riding is displayed seems to be leasing a horse for a time first, which is something we would definitely do before buying a horse since that would be a good indicator if, at the time, M is up for the responsibility of being at the stable multiple days a week and giving the horse the care it needs.

AlexanderTheGreat said...

Think I could dig up a horse shoe somewhere.