Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Since my kids think they're virtually perfect and don't understand why they would need to make a New Year's resolution, I thought I would offer up some sample resolutions for them, in case they were interested.

I, Madeleine, resolve that for the whole of 2009 I will not roll my eyes, sigh whenever my mother speaks or hide my dirty clothes under my bed, in my closet or under my bureau.

I, Hank, resolve that for the whole of 2009 I will not sneak candy, cookies or other forms of sugar unless I ask, and I will not overreact to any situation or news-- this includes the request to turn off my Wii-- by yelling, shrieking or stomping my feet.

I, Elisabeth, resolve that for the whole of 2009 I will not require stitches, larger than average Band-Aids, cold compresses or anything that involves greater than average care, and I especially resolve not to need to go to the ER this year for stitches. Especially twice in one year. I further resolve to open my eyes and realize that while I am the youngest child, I am not the only child, and I will behave accordingly.

I, the unborn baby, resolve to stop making mommy nauseous and tired. I further resolve to come out easily, on time and healthy.

There, those ought to help the house remain peaceful and happy in 2009.

Happy New Year, everyone!


sixty-five said...

A delightful post. And a wonderfully happy new year to the Superfamily - all SIX (yikes!) of you!

Bob said...

And a resolution to their house-- grow larger to accomodate the growing family (LOL).

Terri said...

LOL. Good luck with all that... ;)