Thursday, August 20, 2009


I really admire bloggers who can find something to say every day. Talented bloggers can make the mundane come alive and I appreciate their presence on the internet because I love to divert myself from my everyday life with the internet at some point each day.

I know I am not one of those bloggers, nor do I really want to be. The mere idea of trying to spin an interesting post out of this week exhausts me. Not that it's been uninteresting. No, we've been busy with horseback riding camp, swimming, shopping, the fair and lots of cooking and, I suppose, had I tried, a blog post that would, at the very least, interest me in months to come as I look back on this electronic scrapbook, could have been composed. But I don't want to try. I want to smell (and taste!) my marinara sauce that's composed entirely of freshly picked tomatoes simmering away on the stove. And read Julie and Julia. And enjoy the fresh, summer breeze that's pushing back the curtains in my living room. And listen to Elisabeth snore away on the sofa.

In other words, for today I want to live in the moment, not write about it. I suppose in few months I will look back and wonder what we did these last few weeks of August before Caroline arrived and I might chastise myself for not at least taking a picture of something but, then again, I might read this post and maybe-- if I'm lucky-- I'll be able to smell the fresh summer air and remember this quiet, peaceful moment and hold onto it since I know there will be many moments ahead that won't be so peaceful and quiet. We'll see.


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MOST with an attitude said...

Perfect post :) I could visualize Elizabeth on your sofa and hear the rustle of the curtains in the summer breeze!! Enjoy your quiet moments while they last.


Anonymous said...

hm. well, i liked that post. so there.