Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Forgotten Thoughts

When I woke this morning it was to the unusual sound of quiet. Perfect, still quiet. I lay there in stunned amazement and didn't move. I just soaked up the quiet and enjoyed being able to connect thoughts and ideas without being interrupted every two and a half seconds. It was glorious.

And as I laid there thinking I had lots of interesting thoughts, many of which probably would have been interesting blog posts had they been able to be fleshed out. And now, a few hours later with kids running around screaming, doors slamming and the phone ringing? I can't even remember the thoughts I thought just a few short hours ago.

Joe sometimes gets frustrated with me when I'm really concentrating on something because I get really, really annoyed when someone interrupts me. And this is why; if I can't be allowed the time to connect my thoughts, or to absorb them fully, they're gone. And maybe they're not important in the scheme of life, but they were important enough to me in those too brief moments of quiet to think them, so I feel like it's sort of a shame that they're gone.

Ack. Whatever. Off to tame the beasts, once again.


Terri said...

i so get this, that you've just made me cry.

Bob said...

When kids interrupt a conversation, it's tough to get back to what we were talking about. I've experienced that many times when Sarah and I are with her daughter Elena Jane.