Friday, October 16, 2009

Birthday Follow-Up

Don't worry, if you're sick of hearing about Elisabeth, tomorrow we'll switch gears to Hank since he turns seven tomorrow.

How did the birthday girl celebrate? She went to preschool in the morning and after the kids came in from their hike (an impressive hour and thirty minutes in the rain!) Caroline and I visited the classroom (big kids were with Dad and Diana). We picnicked on the floor and Elisabeth was awarded the special treat of holding a beach ball of the earth and walking around a big, felt sun cut-out in the middle of the picnic four times as the kids sang a song about the earth going around the sun. Then she blew out a birthday candle as the kids sang happy birthday and then ate their snack (whole grain crackers and bananas).

Afterwards we met a friend for a special birthday lunch at Boston Market (I have no idea why E wanted to go here; we rarely ever go, and it's been months since we were there). The kids had a great time!

The necklace she's wearing was given to her at preschool as a birthday gift. There's a "4" on the other side.

The party continued at our house after by having a play date. The best part? No bossy older brothers and sisters telling the two friends how to play!

While the kids played and Caroline slept, I whipped up an angel food cake for the birthday dinner that evening. That evening, as I finished a batch of Fannie Farmer's Seven Minute Frosting, E walked in and decided she wanted to frost her cake. "Really, Elisabeth, are you sure you wouldn't rather do something more fun?" I pleaded, I cajoled, but it wasn't to be. Elisabeth wanted to frost her own cake. For those of you who know me well, you know I about died. I am not an artist, I never pretend to be, but if I were, food is my palate. Imagine, if you will, working on a painting if you're inclined that way, and having your four-your-old daughter ask if she could help you touch it up when you were almost finished. Yeah, that's how I feel about cooking and the cake. But I let her. Everyone should be proud of me.

She did a pretty good job though, no? (I did clean up the edges of the platter once she finished, and she allowed Madeleine to help with the sprinkles.

And, like I said yesterday, we feasted on grilled cheese sandwiches and broccoli. After E blew out her candles (five because our family has always added one for good luck ever since I can remember) she then opened presents from Madeleine and Hank that they had saved their own allowances to buy. She will open her present from Joe and me next weekend in Door County, but Madeleine and Hank were too excited about the gifts they'd chosen to wait (a knock-off Barbie from Madeleine who announced after E opened it, "It cost THREE dollars!", and a play cell phone a remote key chain thing from Hank).

Elisabeth went to bed exhausted, but very content with her fun day.


dad said...

Whew. Glad this post came along. I am still wiping away the tears from the last one.

The cake is/was delicious. Bake another soon (tonight?).

Happy Birthday again to one of the four most beautiful grandchildren in the world.

Cate (Supermom) said...

Ha! Is? $10 says the cake that went back to SL is long gone.

Thanks again, Dad!