Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Birthday Girl

I thought I'd share some pictures of the birthday girl throughout the years. I am so irritated though because I can't find any digital copies of her birth pictures. They're not in my external hard drive for some reason and though I might have them on a CD somewhere I am not even going to look since my optical drive is broken (thanks, Hank).

Anyway, I'll share what I can easily find.

Elisabeth's baptism. She was eight days old.

November 2005, just under one month old here. That's the breaker of the optical drive holding her.

December 2005. Two months old. Her first smile caught on camera!

March 25, 2006. Five months old.

Elisabeth sampling carrots in May of 2006. She's seven months old.

Here she is in August of 2006 at 10 months old.

Elisabeth's second birthday. October 2007.

And, man, how time flies. Here she is about a month ago with her new baby sister.

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