Monday, October 12, 2009

French Press

I'm back to using a French press. I was given one eons ago, way back when we still lived in Janesville and Joe was in law school and I was working full-time. I never used it. I was an exhausted new mother of one and I preferred to mainline coffee in the fastest, easiest way possible, and that way was never a French press.

It was purged at some point between Janesville and Milwaukee.

Lately though, I think my taste buds are changing. I do love waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, but lately I've been able to pick up hints of that awful this-pot-has-been-on-the-burner-too-long taste, even when it has only been sitting for thirty minutes or so. And that second cup of coffee? Blech. By the time my first cup is gone, the second cup definitely has that somewhat burned, yucky flavor.

So, with some of my birthday gift certificate* (again, thanks Bob and Alex; I'm still using it!) I bought another Bodum French press. It's a small one (32 ounces, I think?), but it's perfect for me during the week and even ideal for Joe and me on the weekends when we both have a tendency to drink too much coffee without some policing.

I wish it could be instantly made when I wake up, but the difference in taste is worth the wait.

*By the way, my other splurge was for a new, larger electric frying pan that I love, love, love-- so thank you!


sixty-five said...

Funny, but H has been putting things out in the dining room in prep for a possible garage sale, and I have been snagging pretty much everything as fast as she can put it out. Yesterday there was a new-looking French press. I asked why she'd want to get rid of it. She said she had another one. But what if it BREAKS or gets LOST or something? She added that she didn't really even LIKE FP coffee, and I suggested that she had probably been making it wrong - especially that you need a chunky grind for it. Your Mom once gave me a combo French press/travel cup with special instructions (did any gift from her ever come without INSTRUCTIONS?) to STIR it for a second before steeping and pressing. I keep a chopstick on hand for this.

Cate (Supermom) said...

Yep, she was always an advocate of stirring and actually I forgot to stir the other day and definitely noticed a difference in taste.

Probably the fastest way for H to realize she likes FP coffee is to get rid of any manner she currently owns for making it. I'm kicking myself for getting rid of mine now b/c I think it was larger. Rats!

BTW, I can still hear Mom's voice when I use certain items. Sometimes I can still hear her sigh of dissatisfaction when I know I'm using whatever it is incorrectly (like using my Cuisinart for Mrs. Butland's potatoes). The idea always makes me laugh.

Bob said...

I still have a French Press- but now I use the drip-method coffee pot to save on clean-up time....Funny how we have changed trends.

Glad that you are enjoying the Amazon gift cards....those are fun to have around.

Anonymous said...

i am so proud of you. now try with kenyan beans!


nina said...

My life changed when I bought a Nespresso. I'll say no more.

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to send my FP to you if you need another as back-up...but I would speak up quickly, as sixty-five is definitely snagging things quickly :-)

- H

Cate (Supermom) said...

Oh, I 'd love another! I'd be glad to pitch in for shipping or whatever you think you'd get for it used, and provided sixty-five doesn't want it.


Cate (Supermom) said...

Nina- my dad and stepmom have a Nespresso. I adore using it when I'm visiting. What a wonderful, convenient way to make a cup of coffee!

Bob- speaking of earning Mom's disapproving head shake, LOL. I'm sure she'd be horrified, but I understand since clean-up was one reason I stopped using the FP back when we were in Janesville.

Terri-- you can try my old stand-by tomorrow. They aren't Kenyan beans, but it's a really smooth, yummy blend.

Anonymous said...

No problem! Glad to know that someone will get good use out of it. I will send it to you this week...