Monday, November 16, 2009

Choosing Chores

Why is it that the more you have on your plate to get done, the less apt you are to start working through the list?

For the past month or so I have felt ridiculously busy. Not in a over-booked on my calendar sort of way but in the sense that everywhere I turn in my home and yard I see about twelve little projects that need to be done.

Hopefully our academic work today will go quickly. I absolutely just must get some of these minor projects (clean out the basement storage area! the van looks like a bomb went off! there are twice the amount of plastic storage containers than there are lids! family pictures on my mac haven't been backed up in a year?! two years?! christmas cards need to be planned! I need a haircut desperately!)

One task at a time, right? Sometimes, though, when all the projects seem urgent and vital and choosing is next to impossible, it seems easier to just not decide and instead focus on the ordinary tasks of the day (picking up, cooking, laundry, etc.).

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