Saturday, November 14, 2009


Obviously I've been messing around with format of my blog. I liked the old header picture but, obviously, Caroline was missing. However, I really don't like the header I have up there right now either, but I don't have any more time to play around with it, so it's stuck there for now.

Is it even possible to capture all four kids on one picture where all look OK? I'm thinking no, so the kids may have to leave the header. Sorry, kids.


nina said...

I never thought of that -- getting four to look as great as you see them in real life! I always had trouble with just two -- I still do. One will look beyond gorgeous and one will look completely flat. And they'll only sit still for so many attempts. At least with the digital camera you can waste shots.

Fact is, supermom, you have a stunning, spirited family. It comes through in every shot.

dad said...

They look great. Leave that photo up where it belongs and this is a grandfather doing the ordering.