Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Harvest Soup Party

In honor of Thanksgiving, today Elisabeth and her class hosted a harvest soup party. Every child brought in a vegetable (Elisabeth chose green beans) and they were all dumped into a large pot with some broth that one of the teachers made. The kids chopped and added the vegetables during class today and by the time Madeleine, Hank, Caroline and I arrived at 11 a.m., the party was ready to start.

Elisabeth waiting for perform the songs she and her class had practiced for all the parents and siblings.

The bowls of hot, delicious soup waiting to be eaten.

Elisabeth taking her turn in the performance. Each child added their own plastic vegetable to the pot on the middle of the rug and took a turn stirring their "soup" as the song about soup continued.

The big kids enjoyed the soup.

Elisabeth wanted to sit by her friends, not her family. *sigh*

Afterwards the kids played in the classroom.

What a fun party a group and three and four-year-olds can give!

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