Saturday, November 28, 2009

The obligatory Thanksgiving post. Sort of.

Today I am thinking that I am tired.

That I have consumed entirely too many calories.

That my house is a complete wreck.

That our calendar for the next month is so full that it's making me panicky.

That I miss my friend Erin's presence on the internet and that I hope she gets her laptop fixed soon.

That I have to go grocery shopping.

That I have the cutest baby in the world smiling up at me right now and that I am happy.

That I am going to leave my to-do list behind today and have one last calorie-fest in Silver Lake.

That it is a beautiful, sunny day.

That I'm over my bitterness about last winter and I am ready for snow.

That Joe was really sweet to text me a gazillion updates from Hank's hockey game this morning.

That I forgot to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

So, here it is. Happy Thanksgiving, two days late!

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