Monday, December 28, 2009

A New Cinderella Story

Today Elisabeth and I played Cinderella. Elisabeth said I was to be the stepmother, and she Cinderella.

"Cinderella, wash the floors!" I barked. In response I received an irritated look. "Cinderella, I am going to the ball now and you may not come." I said.

Elisabeth glared at me. "Mom," she began, "I want to play the movie version of Cinderella."

"Isn't that how it goes?" I asked.

"No, the stepmother is nice in the beginning." News to me, but OK.

"OK, Cinderella, let's go to the ball together." And then, as an aside, "When should I turn mean?"

"Oh, how about you be nice the whole time," Elisabeth responded. So, hand in hand, off to the ball Cinderella and the stepsister-less stepmother went.

"Cinderella, it's midnight! You simply must stop dancing with the prince and return home!" I trilled.

"OK, but how 'bout I keep my glass slippers," Elisabeth suggested.

"Well, if you don't lose a glass slipper, how will the prince find you?"

Elisabeth is exasperated. "But I don't want the prince to find me!"


terri said...

best blog post ever. best picture of E ever.

sixty-five said...

I agree.