Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Christmas in which the little girl gets the pony

Do you remember being a little kid and asking for a pony or a puppy or whatever every single year for Christmas? I remember. I knew I wanted that pony and I knew I would never, ever get it, not in a million years. But that didn't stop me from asking each and every year. Gradually I grew up and realized I was never actually going to get a pony so I stopped asking and instead focused on narrowing my wish list to items I might actually receive.

About four or five years ago I realized the pony was back on my wish list in the form of a Nikon D40x. I've been begging and pleading and trying to convince Joe that a DSLR of that caliber would benefit our whole family for years now. I asked and explained and begged in such a way that I knew I would never actually get it, but I sure hoped I would.

I relented a bit the past few years. Until this year I never even really asked for one for Christmas because one costs way, way, WAY (did I mention WAAAAAAY!) more than Joe or I ever spend on each other for Christmas.

But this year I got my pony. The Nikon D40x has been phased out, but sitting under the tree this year, wrapped with a pretty red bow, was a Nikon D5000. I'm not kidding, after I opened it I actually cried. This is my anniversary present this year and my birthday present too and I am still beyond excited. JUST beyond.

Look at this picture:

I could never have done that with my old Canon point and shoot. Never.

I have been pinching myself constantly since Christmas to remind myself that it's true. That and taking a LOT of pictures.


Wendy said...

Oh my. I'm tearing up FOR you! How exciting!

Cheryl said...


nina said...

Me too, misty eyed! You so deserve it! Merry merry months with it and a happy, picturesque new year!