Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Disjointed Stuff

Today dawned a new day. Good thing, because being sick really stinks. Seriously. But by dinnertime I knew I was going to be OK and by this morning I felt just fine. So, yay.

I got to do lots of fun stuff today, like bake cookies, watch the kids decorate those cookies, watch Madeleine bake her first solo batch of cookies (they're excellent!) and a few not so fun things like go to Sendiks, our local grocery store. A pox on them for having the best meat in town thus forcing me to patronize the because that small store the day before Christmas Eve was IN-SANE.

But anyway, I'm back, physically, but electronically not so much since I still want to whip of a batch of zimtsterne and I want to re-read Alton Brown's advice roasting tenderloin which varies from most conventional cookbooks (like the Joy of Cooking, etc.). Lots of fun, cooking decisions to make tonight. And tomorrow Joe will be home to do un-fun things like vacuum while I get to spend the whole day in the kitchen cooking. I can't wait! I love solo days in the kitchen!

Anyway, if I don't get back on, Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

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