Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stupid Sears

This kitchen brought to you courtesy of the idiots at Sears who were supposed to haul away our old oven and install a new, working oven today but instead brought the wrong oven and then, when questioned about it, said it was our fault, not theirs.

Thank you, Sears. Unless the manager at the store where we bought our new stove (who hasn't even called me BACK yet!) is able to pull his head out of his you-know-what and get us our stove before next Wednesday or make this financially OK I have bought my last appliance from your store. Ever.


Elephantschild said...

I love galley kitchens. I'll trade. You can have mine if I can have yours. :)

Appliance people suck! Boo!

Cate said...

Nope! Except today when it's a complete disaster and my path is physically obstructed, I love my kitchen. It's small, but totally efficient and easy to cook in. :-)

sixty-five said...

So it's the whole STOVE that's kaput, not just the oven? Bummer. But check with Beecher; she did wonders for MONTHS with the electric fry pan, crockpot, and microwave combo. In the meanwhile can't you at least push the old one back IN a little?

Cate said...

Well, in theory I only have to make it to Wednesday.

And, speaking of Beecher, she's clearly on another level, cooking-wise. When the TOH episode aired where she had made the crew CINNAMON rolls in what-- her BASEMENT?!--I knew even more than I already knew from eating her food, that she is a kitchen goddess.

I can't push it back in b/c whoever built our cabinets made them a touch too small and it's tight getting the stove in and out. J can do it (is there ever anything he can't figure out?) but it's tough so I'm sure he'll want to rehook up the gas first since it looks like we're stuck w/our old POS stove for another week.

So I will have a semi-functioning stove after this evening, at least. :)

Superdad said...

My favorite part is when the Sears guys took issue with our insistence that we actually get the stove we purchased and said, "Well, I don't think I would have entered black if you had asked for white." Yeah, certainly it is a lot more likely that would I have asked for a black stove despite the fact that every other kitchen appliance we own is white. Clearly, I must be in the wrong, I am sure I the mistake.

Wendy said...

This is the third Sears kitchen horror story I've heard in the past couple months (one was mine!).

I had to go to Home Depot and get a part from them that Sears didn't have (for their own dishwasher!), and the Home Depot appliance guy made me promise to buy my next appliance from HD. I said I wasn't sure I was able to make that promise, but I sure don't plan to go to Sears again for my appliance needs.

Hope you get your new oven before Christmas!

Katie said...

Hi! I'm Katie, and I'm pretty new to the blogosphere. I found your blog while searching for Lutheran mom blogs, and I have enjoyed reading a few of your posts. I'll be sure to come back and read some more in the future.

dad said...

can you cancel any agreement you had with Sears and shop elsewhere? You can fill me in tomorrow on the details ... dumb people are everywhere, simply everywhere.

Melody said...

We once bought a dishwasher from a store, and trucked it home ourselves, to find that someone had driven a forklift through the back. We trucked it back (30 miles each way) to return it, and John was too...whatever to ask them to open the box, which had a mark on the back similar to the one on the broken one. He said, "Surely they can't have done it twice." Yep, they did. I had had enough driving, with two little boys under 4, and called the store, asking them to deliver the next one. They were willing to do it for free, but not for 2 weeks! This all happened on a Friday, all the water was off, and our friends from 6 hours away were due that night to spend the weekend. I put it on the porch, stopped payment on our check and told them to come get it. We went to Sears and bought another one. Wouldn't you know it, John was STILL reluctant to ask them to open the box. When I explained, they were more than glad to; this dishwasher was fine. We took it home, installed it that night (with the help of Mr. Friend, who had arrived!) and never looked back.
Long story short; their customer service has always been good enough to us (I have another story about Wards and our washer/dryer, but this is enough for now) that your story surprises me. Lord knows, I wouldn't let it go! They'd hear lots of words from me! Even if you did make the mistake of ordering black (I know you did not!) "The customer is always right," and if you told them your ordered white, that should be good enough for them!