Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Last Battle

As a family, we have been reading the Chronicles of Narnia books for a few years now. Madeleine and Hank love them and remember every detail they've ever heard, from The Magician's Nephew to The Horse and His Boy. Joe and I have loved them tremendously as well, and so, we have tried to spread the books out over a few years instead of reading them all at once and not having any more Narnia to look forward to.

Sadly, the end had to come eventually and, last night, with just two chapters to go in The Last Battle we decided to promote our ordinary pre-bedtime ritual of reading together into a Major Book Night and celebrate the last few moments in Narnia as much as we could. Sleeping bags were gotten, popcorn was popped and we all managed to make it through to the end without a great many tears being shed (those of you who've read the books can well imagine a few tears were shed).

We are all sad that we are done with the series, but we were cheered to think that in a few years we could start all over again when Elisabeth and Caroline might be interested in hearing the stories. And this, of course, ignited all sorts of debate about which order to read the books. This last time we read them in chronological order, but I've heard some say no real Narnia fan would read them in any order but the order in which they were written (more info about the conflicting orders here). Hopefully my blog readers can offer their opinions about the "right" way to read the Narnia books in the comments.


Katie said...

Love, love, LOVE that idea! I have to confess, I've never read the books, even though I've wanted to. But a book night sounds super fun. If only my little one could sit through any books without eating or ripping them...

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Susan said...

It takes me forever to read aloud the last few chapters of "The Last Battle." There are not a few tears here when I read that book.

Here's my take on the order. Those who think that creation is the foundation of the Christian worldview will want to begin with "Magician's Nephew." Those who believe that the atonement is the foundation of the Christian worldview prefer to begin with "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." (And yet, to be fair, there were plenty of Christians in the Old Testament who'd read Genesis before John was written.)