Thursday, April 29, 2010

Eight Months

Less is more. Except, of course, when it comes to baby pictures. Why share one when you can share half a dozen?

Today little Caroline is eight months old. She can, as you can see, sit confidently. She can wave. She eats stage two baby food and naps regularly.

She tries to grab everything, and will roll around or scoot to get to things. She sucks her thumb regularly.

She is an inquisitive little girl. She's is always looking around and always taking things in. If you could hear wheels whirring in a person's head, I am convinced her motor would be quite loud.

She is the very definition of an easy baby. She likes being around people, but is content to sit on the floor and watch people, or babble with them. We often find ourselves remarking, "Why Caroline, I forgot you were sitting there!" She babbles and coos and smiles on cue and the three older kids dote on her incessantly. She rarely cries and is easily soothed on the rare occasions when she gets upset.

I can't remember my other kids at this age and so, Joe and I have decided, that Caroline is not allowed to grow up any more; she's just perfect the way she is.


Bob said...

Very very sweet....I second that motion to "freeze" her age!

nina said...

I sometimes think that a fourth child must inevitably be a happy child. So much action, affection...

Then I see families with many children and I change my mind.

It's you. I'm sure of it. Your calm makes her calm.

(I envy you raising kids in the digital photography age... Your photos are magnificent, btw.)

Cate said...

That's the joke Nina-- most families laugh about how few pictures get taken of the younger kids and, in our case, it's just the opposite. And it's not just me-- my two older kids are constantly taking pictures of Caroline too, LOL.

Anonymous said...
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