Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How We Spent Our Wednesday

After my self-indulgent, manic and pathetically self-serving day Monday, today was a welcome change of pace. Erin and her darling kids visited us and everyone had a such a nice time giggling, playing at the park and setting up scavenger hunts. Erin and I enjoyed letting the kids entertain each other and spending some much needed time chatting.

Our late morning trip to the park was capped off by the kids climbing the playhouse and taking a slide off the roof. First off, Hank,

then Elisabeth,

next was Lily,

and her sister Claire,

and then, finally, Madeleine.

What a wonderful way to break up our everyday routine. Thanks for making the drive, Erin!


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Erin said...

Three of my kids slept all the way home, the other read (and finished) a newly borrowed book, and I got to listen to Mark Belling--without a single whiny voice telling me "But Moooom, you always listen to Mark Belling." All in my coffee-scented car! Joy of joys!

A great day! :) Thanks.

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