Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Nine Months

Nine months. Well, nine months and three days, if we're counting exactly.

Nine months and still sweet as can be. And, lately, as busy and as curious as can be. She can grab the tiniest little objects and, of course, inspects them by shoving them into her mouth. Perfect when the object is, say, a piece of cut up banana. Not so perfect when it's a dust bunny or another piece of garbage missed during a not-frequent-enough sweep of the floor.

Nine months and soooo close to crawling. The desire and strength are there. Soon the know-how will be as well. Too soon, I suspect.

Nine months and still generally laid back, but starting to have opinions and, despite not having a vocabulary, finding ways to assert those opinions. Her cries, grunts and whines are becoming distinct and decipherable. Some mean what cries traditionally mean (Mom! I'm dirty! Change my diaper!) while others are more demanding and specific (Mom! I see my pureed carrots right there! Please spoon them into my mouth more quickly!).

Nine months. *sigh*

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Schenley said...

LOL. Love your translations of her "comments." :)