Thursday, September 14, 2006

King Vincent Libretti

This guy is so full of himself it just doesn't seem right to merely refer to him by his given name. You Project Runway fans know what I'm talking about, right? He's so bad that this interview is really very funny.

Among the designers who are left on the show, which one do you think is worthy of winning?

Myself. I love the truth, and I'll say this: If you look at the show and you know anything about design, you can see clearly who the designer was. They are amateurs. This show is full of amateur designers. I think one was way, way above and alone on the show. But I don't do the ego thing. It's not my style. But I love the truth.

Riiiiiight... truth. Not ego. Gottcha.

Oh, and I love this:

What was your favorite part of the Paris trip?

The boat was fun. There was a cute girl with red shoes and a tattoo. I have a lovely wife, but I was getting a little bit nosy with her. Catherine was a little bit too old for me. The other one wasn't. We wanted to meet later for a drink — Jeffrey and I and she and her girlfriend. We invited them to our room just to have a nice bottle of champagne, but unfortunately they canceled on us.

Hey, married guys, listen up. If you ever, ever consider inviting an attractive model type up to your hotel room for champagne...well, I'm guessing you may as well ask if that hotel has a bulk rate because you won't be staying at home with your wife anytime soon.

Yep, this guy is all class. Can't wait to start scouring boutiques nationwide for his crappy designs.

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angieoh! said...

He is totally revolting. I can't believe he thought he was good! And don't even get me started on the Angela... MAN - COME ON!!! Girls from the midwest named Angela are COOLER THAN THAT!!!


I love Michael - his designs are fun, he is nice and funny, and he seems to just do his own thing, independent of the others. Very cool.