Thursday, September 14, 2006

Trip Downtown

I don't make it downtown a lot. There's no reason for me to go; schools, shopping and most activities are in the suburbs. But last night Joe forgot to bring home copies of a letter I absolutely need to distribute to parents after school today, so after dropping Hank off at preschool, downtown to Joe's office Elisabeth and I went.

It's always an intriguing drive. This yard always makes me gawk:

I can't decide if I love it or hate it. Weird and tacky yes, but also strangely interesting.

We make it downtown and miraculously find street parking, which will save me the $5 to $10 it would cost to park in Joe's firm's garage. This irritates me. Jeez, we only pay $135 a month to park in that garage already, of course it should be impossible to me to park there for free for my once in a blue moon trips downtown.

Uh-oh, the spot is two blocks away and is pretty clearly marked fifteen minutes only.

I throw my last $.25 in the meter and rush. Carrying Elisabeth and my second travel mug full of coffee, I race down Water Street, dash into Joe's building and curse the elevator for the slow trip up thirty-three stories. I chat with the receptionist as she giggles with Elisabeth and hands me the stack of letters Joe thankfully remembered to leave with her.

Back down the elevator, through the revolving door and up Water Street. I pass City Hall and notice how they're displaying their American Flag.

I wonder if it's been there since the construction began eighteen million years ago (the scaffolding has been on there forever) or if it's put there in honor of 9/11.

No time to think about that, I've got to get back to my van before the parking nazi's discover my meter is expired (I haven't been timing myself, but no way I've been gone less than fifteen minutes).

There it is. An expired meter, but no ticket. With a sigh of relief I buckle Elisabeth in her carseat and head north, back to the safety of parking lots and residential neighborhoods.

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Alexis Jacobs said...

Oh my!!! That house!! I agree. Do I like it or do I hate it...