Tuesday, October 31, 2006


This might seem like an odd post coming from someone who just blogged about canceling her cable, but our DVD player just broke. Almost every movie we own is a DVD, not a videocassette.

So. Instead of just buying a new DVD player Joe and I have been thinking we should probably buy a new TV too since I'm pretty sure our main TV was manufactured in the Stone Age.

I don't really know why we think this. We've been bewitched; captivated by all the gigantic TVs with pictures so sharp and clear you feel like you should be able to walk right into them.

What should we buy? Plasma! LCD! HDTV!

Anyone have an opinion?


AlexanderTheGreat said...

Definitely HDTV as that is the wave of the future (HD DVD's coming soon), that will be my next big buy. You want the 1080p (persistent) as opposed to 1080i (interlaced) also. People say the plasmas have too short of a life. I would probably go for a DLP (digital light projection) myself, but the LCD's and plasmas will save more space. Another thing to look for is the specification for contrast ratio (detemines how bright things will look in daylight.) Prices are really coming down on TV's and I keep holding off myself to be able to afford the next size "bracket." Of course if I bought a really nice TV, I would feel compeled to get cable :)

AlexanderTheGreat said...

* compelled *

sixty-five said...

I was thinking of getting an ipod with a video component - a nice little 2" screen would suit my minimalist tendencies. Might not work for a family, though. I watch DVD's on the laptop which I bought with screen size in mind. Again, maybe not ideal for a group!

badger boy's wife said...

I agree with Alex the great, definitely HDTV and yes, your TV was manufactured in the stone age - (I should know, I bought it at Wal-Mart 14 years ago). There are so many good deals out there - you can even get a television with a built in dvd player! Go for it!

JoeOlson said...

Our hand-me-down TV actually makes that "doung" sound when you turn it on. I guess that makes it vintage :)

The thing about HDTV and cable is that you don't get HDTV unless you up grade your cable - but your network stations are broad casting HD over the airwaves.

I am pretty much sold on DLP - it is cheaper, lighter (as in not two hundred pounds) and I have a friend who has one and the picture is great. The only two draw backs according to the Best buy guy are - you can't hang it on the wall and the picture quality will vary a bit based on the angle of your view. Neither matters for us.