Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mom

Had she lived, today would have been my mom’s sixty-first birthday.

Instead of the cake we would be having if she were here, I’m making Junket tonight. Few people ever know what I’m talking about when I speak of Junket, but it was a common dessert in my home growing up. Mom loved it and made it often enough that I can’t think of a dessert that reminds me of her more than that one.

Mom was an excellent cook, but she excelled at baking. She loved desserts, both the eating and construction of, and in recent years sort of became in charge of desserts at any family gathering. Here are the cakes she baked for Madeleine's baptism party in January of 2001 (which is also where the picture of Mom and Madeleine as a baby, above, was taken):

Her numerous gardens were well-known and spoken of with the highest regard. She knew more about what to grow, where to grow it and what would look just perfect in any given spot than any other person I know, professional horticulturalists included.

Her favorite garden, and mine too, was her pool garden which is pictured here:

She was a warm, interesting and talented woman, one whose absence is noted by many but also, more importantly, whose life is remembered and celebrated by so many.

Happy Birthday, Mom, we miss you!


Diana said...

Your mother was the first thought that came to me this morning, knowing this is her birthday. We have many good memories of celebrating her birthday and she is missed, but there are a lot of good memories and good photos to help us remember her!

dad said...

A brief but moving tribute to Jeffie who was loved and is remembered by many of us today, even an ex-husband.

Fabulous Chaos said...

Happy Birthday, Jeffie. A wonderfully eccentric woman, full of life, beauty, and love, whom I will never forget.

Thanks for sharing, Supermom.



sixty-five said...

Junket! Haven't thought of it in years. But we did sometimes have it when we were children, and Jennifer, as we know, was a champ at doing things in traditional ways. Yes, she is surely missed. What a nice tribute.

sixty-five said...

Oh, and by the way: wouldn't she be LOVING these blogs! I bet she'd have one of her own by now if she were here.

SuperMom said...

wouldn't she be LOVING these blogs!

YES! I've often thought the same thing. Certainly she'd be a frequent participant in the comments section and would have loved how all the blogging keeps everyone so involved in everyone elses lives.

Good to know Junket was also a part of the Bloomington routine. Certainly it explains Mom's fondness for it.

Alexis Jacobs said...

((hug)) Cait!! I have never heard of Junket until now. Learn something new everyday.

holly said...

What a touching tribute - I miss her so much. And yes, she would have be a "powerblogger" for sure!

I don't think I had flowers planted when you were at my house last, but she was one of my main inspirations for attempting to grow flowers (and particularly roses) in different parts of my little yard (I even planted a special one in her honor). And I have to think that part of the reason they are thriving is because she is secretly taking care of them for me somehow!

Bob said...

WOW_ that was sure a nice tribute, Super Mom-- very well done!

She also would have been so thrilled that Pete McGann is now Charlie Sykes' producer. She also would have been thrilled that Sykes got national attention today regarding that photo of the troops
with the "Jon Carry" banner (LOL).

MOST with an attitude said...

That was beautiful Cait, as was the spirit of your mom. I will never forget her warm smile and the way she always made everyone feel at home, in her home. Happy Birthday Jeffie!!