Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mary Ingalls

Meet my new daughter, Mary Ingalls.

Madeleine was born a little over one hundred years too late.  Lately her love of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her Little House on the Prairie series has transcended simply reading the books and explaining to every person she sees, in great detail, the events therein.


Now she insists the other children on the block play Laura Ingalls Wilder morning, noon and night. Madeleine, unsurprisingly to those who know her particular ideas in regards to fashion and beauty, insists on being Mary, the more beautiful and feminine of the sisters in her opinion.  The other children fight over the Laura position, the less fortunate playmates inheriting the less coveted roles (Carrie, Ma, Pa, etc.).  And poor Hank... well, Hank becomes Jack, the Ingalls' dog, and barks his way throughout the neighborhood.

Their games are then taken directly out of books from the series, putting Madeleine at great advantage since only one other girl on the block has read the series so there is little argument when she explains the rules, gives the directives and instructs the other children in the ways of the Ingalls' family.

I wonder if she'll be having us trade our van in for a covered wagon anytime soon?


Prairie Rose said...

So now you have the perfect destination(s) for your summer vacation: The "Little House" sites. :o)

terri said...

That's so cute! And funny!

...and a little bit crazy.

nina said...

I think I learned about being really cold by reading the Long Winter to my kids. Unforgettable.

granfather said...

when do we leave for walnut grove, MN? Great pic.

it's me, Val said...

Definitely - so cute and so funny. I loved those books. I hope Maia will be interested in reading them. I want to read them again with her! :)