Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Elisabeth!

This little stinker, still sitting right next to me chomping on her bagel with cream cheese, is five years old today.

Tonight, to celebrate, we will feast on tacos and cupcakes, all yet unmade.

But, right now, today is all about Ellie. Here she is, Ellie though the years. And, what's more, the story of the day we met the little booger.

Happy Birthday, sweet, sweet, Elisabeth Jane!

ETA: Merciful heavens, I just ran across this video of Elisabeth that was taken when she was about fifteen months old. The pajamas she's wearing are the same ones Caroline wore last night! Anyway, it's super, super cute.


nina said...

Super cute (video)! Bright, cheerful, does as she's told. Add to the list now: has her own mind!

Happy birthday celebrations to all of you!

Heather Byrnes said...

Beautiful, Cait! Love your photos! Happy birthday to your Elisabeth!